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Custom Product Manufacturing and OEM Capabilities

TriForest molding manufacturing expertise now provides customers the option of personalizing their labware orders. One way is to add the company logo of their choice to our product caps. The selected logotype is embedded onto our polypropylene caps and resistant to autoclaving and scratching. The caps may also be customized to match the PMS color of choice. All caps retain the same properties after customization.

Another alternative available to TriForest customers is the customization of labels. Whether a template is provided or you request we design one for you, do not miss out on the opportunity to add labels or silk screening of your company logo on our products. The graduation interval may also be customized to fit desired needs. Silk screening comes in white and can be combined with our manufacturing capabilities to provide custom-color resins in the color of choice.

Personalizing our labware in any color or logo allows customers to maximize brand exposure and ownership of the product line during private labeling, but our efforts do not end there. With over 40 years of plastic molding expertise, TriForest offers customers the unique opportunity to create new product designs. Whether the product is highly priced and you seek a better alternative or the product you have in mind is non-existent, we will make it for you. Contact one of our customer service representatives for details.

*Minimum quantity required.

Colorful TriForest Caps